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Aeonium Arboreum Atropurpureum Ships Bare Root

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Introducing our premium Aeonium, shipped bare roots with no soil or pot, perfect for succulent enthusiasts! This beautiful plant, currently growing in a 5-gallon nursery pot, is ready to be transplanted into a 10'' to 12'' wide pot or directly into the ground in frost-free areas.

Key Features:

  • Bare Root Shipping: No soil or pot shipped, but plants are fully rooted.
  • Pet Safe: Non toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Transplant Ready: Ideal for succulent soil and adaptable to various pot sizes.
  • Weather Resistant: Suitable for areas without frost or cold winters; keep above 35°F.
  • Watering Needs: Thrives with dry soil between waterings.
  • Light Requirements: Prefers partial to full sun.
  • Growth Habit: Produces stalks and numerous offshoots, ensuring a lush appearance.
  • Monocarpic Nature: While Aeoniums are monocarpic, this variety produces many offshoots, so your plant will continue to thrive.

Care Instructions:

  1. Transplanting: Prepare a well-draining succulent soil mix. Choose a 10'' to 12'' wide pot or a frost-free garden spot.
  2. Watering: Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings to prevent root rot.
  3. Sunlight: Place in partial to full sun for optimal growth.
  4. Temperature: Protect from temperatures below 35°F to avoid damage.

Enhance your succulent collection with our robust Aeonium. Its striking appearance and ease of care make it a must-have for any gardener. Order now and enjoy the beauty of this versatile plant in your home or garden!